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About us
Zhejiang ChuangXin electron limited company to be established in 1988, was a stock-company type enterprise. The company collection scientific research, the development, the manufacture, the sale in a body, the specialty is engaged in the electromagnetic type relay, the time relay, the solid state relay, the relay plug, the automobile relay, the automobile meets the plug-in unit, microswitch, aviation industry plug, production enterprise and so on electronic electricity fitting. The enterprise introduces and absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technologies, uses international I E the C technology quality specification. The company takes the production equipment extremely the consummation and the renewal, independently studies development manufacture special-purpose production equipment 20, has introduced Taiwan and South Korea's advanced equipment 10. Uses the man-power, the semiautomatic assembly line work and the automated mix production pattern, by achieves the best manpower and the physical resource coordination. The advanced computer automatic checkout equipment, has consummated the quality control system, thus we have the absolute quality control ability. The product performance and installs the size to be consistent with the overseas product, is substitutes the import product the best choice.  
  The company year productivity reaches 10 million relays, the switch, 80 many kinds of specifications models. Widely applies in the communication, the instrument measuring appliance, the domestic electric appliances, the automobile. Automated domain and so on industry control. Is evaluated the trustworthy enterprise title by the country engineering supervision bureau. Enterprise through I S O 9,001 international quality systems authentication. The partial products through UL、PUE、CE、CUC the E Great Wall authenticate. The quality optimization, 6 S foundation management engineering comprehensive implementation, has won customer satisfaction and the faith, has established the good market prestige, the product not only in the domestic sudden rise in reputation, and sells in distant markets country and the area and so on the Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Southeast Asia, Europe.  
  The company follows the humanist management idea, walks the technical innovation path, persisted the idea innovation, the management innovation, the technical innovation unifies, continues to improve unceasingly, for makes the international brand but to struggle diligently.  
  The zealous welcome society people from all walks of life visit the instruction, the discussion service.
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